Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bird photography..

Lucky me, there are lots of trees around my room and they make a very good place for the birds to come and rest. Atleast most of the snaps taken by me are around my house itself and a couple of them are very rare ones i must say!  

I have really enjoyed Bird photography. It takes a lot of patience and very slow movements cause you cant afford to scare them off. Ya there are some that like posing ;) 

Thanks to Project Noah i have identified most of the birds. Here are some of my clicks.



The common one.. Pigeon :) 


This ones called White-throated Kingfisher. 


A shorebird. These are very abundent in the nearby seashores. Seen mostly during early mornings.


Majestic would be the right caption for this. This is the Brahminy Kite.


This is most rare bird i have been able to capture. This is Indian Golden Oriole.


The Mynah. A small bird but very high vocal!




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