Friday, March 23, 2012

Kite Fest..

Kite fests are something special in the coastal regions and i must say they are reallty very fun! This year i got chance to visit 2 kite fests; one at Panambur Beach and the other at Malpe Beach. Both were pretty awesome.


Kite fest at Panambur beach was on 22rd January this year. I had been there with my mom and cousins. If i was asked to give a one liner about this event it would be "Too much crowd!". Apart from kite flying there was so much happening around; music, cultural programs, food stalls, sand sculptures; and people just cant resist all those in the weekends. :) I managed to get some shots for my collection, The one below is my favorite.



Kite fest at Malpe was on 29th January, just a few days after the Panambur beach fest. I had been there wiht my friends Rajendra and Ratan. This was my first visit to Malpe beach and it turned out to be a good experience. Malpe beach is bigger and thus can handle a bigger crowd. The main feature of the Malpe beach is the sitting statue Mahatma Gandhi at the entry. I managed to get a snap of that in an interesting way :) 

There were some nice sand sculptures made by some fine artists. Here are some of them.


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